Charlie Daniels' Twin Pine Ranch

Ranching The Western Way For Over 30 Years!


Please be advised that Twin Pines Ranch is a working ranch.  All of our cattle are Horned Herefords. We purchased some females in the past that were dehorned prior to our purchasing them for their conformation and bloodlines. We have a limited number of breeding stock for sale with and without horns. 

Livestock are shown by appointment only and there are no tours available to the public.

DH Advance 370A

DH Advance 370A was introduced to our Horned Hereford cows out of our DH Domino 775 bull. The Domino females were bred to a leased Corriente Bull for their first calf to ensure easy calving. Their next calves will be all Horned Herefords by DH Advance 370A.


DH Advance 503C


Please note this is just an example of our yearlings.  We currently have more for sale, contact us for more details.

Twin Pines Domino 1722

Twin Pines Advance 1713